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Should I Replace a Missing Tooth?

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dental implants DFWThink of your missing tooth as an important part of your body. It serves important purposes and without it, there would be consequences to pay. Some of these consequences are obvious. In the back of your mouth, your chewing pattern would have to be altered. In the front of the mouth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling openly.

Unfortunately, some of the consequences are not immediately obvious. The gap left by a missing tooth will eventually be filled by a drifting or shifting neighboring tooth. Similar to a domino effect, the positions of the remaining teeth will ultimately be changed. Bone loss is another hidden consequence of tooth loss. Inside the mouth, the gum and underlying bone will begin to dissolve. Outside of the mouth, your facial profile may appear sunken or disproportionate.

The good news is that your implant dentist is an expert in the art of tooth replacement. With dental implants, your missing tooth can be restored and many of the potential consequences can be prevented.

Even more exciting, a dental implant is more similar to your natural tooth than any other tooth replacement solution. It looks like a natural tooth. It feels like a natural tooth. And it functions just like a natural tooth.

Dental implants are an ideal choice for permanent tooth replacement. They are designed to withstand normal daily functions such as eating, speaking, brushing, and flossing. Considering all of the advancements of modern dentistry, your implant can be customized to suit both your cosmetic and functional needs. They can be created as a virtually perfect replica of the original tooth in terms of shape, size, and shade. They can also be used to replace a single missing tooth or modified to support a bridge, partial or complete denture.

The success rate for dental implants continues to approach 100% for both front and back teeth. Patient satisfaction continues to rank exceptionally high as well.

So, the real question is not “Should I replace a missing tooth?” the questions is, “How can I schedule a consultation with my implant dentist today?” Contact Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery, serving DFW, to schedule your professional consultation.


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