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Restore your natural smile with dental implants

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dental implants DFWIn life, when we lose something, we generally want the replacement to be the same or better than the original. In dentistry, the same philosophy applies. When a tooth is missing, you want the replacement tooth to be just as good as or better than the original. You want to bring your smile back to its natural beauty.

If you desire to restore and rejuvenate your natural smile, speak to one of our implant dentists about the possibility of dental implants.

Implants are composed of a titanium root or post that is inserted into the jaw bone and topped by a dental crown. An outpatient surgical procedure is required to place the implant post in the predetermined location. After the specified healing period, an impressively strong bond is created between the bone and the implant. This relationship serves as the permanent anchor for a dental crown.

Since beauty and symmetry are key attributes to a natural smile, the dental crowns can be designed to look like an exact replica of your natural teeth. Anatomical features, shading, and size can all be customized to make your new teeth look like they have been in place forever!

During your consultation, discuss your vision for your new smile. How many teeth are visible when you smile? How much of your gum tissue is visible when you grin or laugh? Since dental implants replace the entire tooth, they extend below the gum line like a natural tooth as well. This aspect is critical to achieving a natural looking smile. Dental bridges and dentures are designed to hover above the gum line, leaving a gap or a space where the tooth root would normally be found. This absence can cause an unnatural contour at the gum line, shadowing, and eventual bone loss.

As you revitalize your smile, choose the solution that looks and feels the way that nature intended. Dental implants in DFW can be a key component to restoring your smile and rebuilding your confidence. For more information about dental implants and to schedule your consultation, please contact our office today.

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