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Eat the Foods You Want With Dental Implants

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dental implants DFWPeople who wear removable dental prosthesis usually shy away from sticky foods to avoid the embarrassment associated with dentures falling out in public. No one wants to become the laughingstock at a major event like a birthday party or wedding. Many denture wearers are turning to dental implants in DFW as an alternative, permanent tooth replacement solution.

Dental implants offer many advantages to those edentulous individuals who want to eat the food they love without having to worry about reapplying denture adhesives. The prosthetic crown is made to last for 12 to 15 years and it looks just like natural dentition. It is attached to the jaw by way of a titanium post which is designed to last a lifetime. Titanium is a metal that exhibits the best osseointegration. It is received well by the alveolar bone and has the lowest ratio of graft rejection.

An ideal candidate for dental implants will have an alveolar ridge that is of sufficient height and average bone density levels. If your jaw bone is not sufficient in height, a bone graft might be recommended prior to an implant procedure.

The procedure can be performed in the dental clinic. Your implant dentist will make a tiny slit in the area to give the titanium post a point of entry. The post, which is angled in such a way that it resembles the placement of your regular dentition, is then topped by a dental crown.

Being completely or partially edentulous can affect a person’s self confidence. With this breakthrough in dental technology, you won’t need to reach for the denture paste after every meal. The patient with dental implants will be able to enjoy the food that he or she missed out on while wearing dentures.

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