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Dental implants: Never use denture adhesive again

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Science and technology are at their best when they can be used to improve the daily lives of millions. Often, the things that we use in our daily living can be made brand new by incorporating different concepts and techniques.

Such a relationship exists between dentures and implant dentistry in Irving TX. Standing alone, dentures are a great solution for millions of patients with missing teeth. The denture can replace an entire arch of teeth at once. The ability to customize the shades and sizes of dentures helps to improve their fit and appearance.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks and limitations to the traditional denture. By design, dentures are created to hover above the gum line. They are extremely useful for replacing the missing chewing surface of the teeth. In other words, dentures can only replace the portion of the tooth that is visible when you smile.

By failing to replace the root structure, or the portion of the tooth below the gum line, dentures fall short of two major responsibilities. They do not help to preserve the jaw bone and prevent bone loss. And they do not stabilize the bite.

Utilizing dental implants to anchor your denture to your bone is the best way to address those two major concerns. Without the use of denture adhesives, implant dentistry can stabilize the denture even during chewing, biting, and speaking. Dental implants completely remove the risk of the denture becoming dislodged. In addition, by anchoring the implant to the jaw bone, bone loss is essentially halted, and the bone structure preserved.

For millions of patients who have struggled with poorly fitting dentures, dental implants can mean the end of denture pastes forever. The implant is a permanent dental restoration that can be used in conjunction with your existing denture. If necessary, your oral surgeon can create a new denture specifically for your new dental implants.

If you are no longer satisfied with your existing denture, or if you would like to learn more about dental implants in Irving, it’s time to call our implant dentistry team at 972-401-8301 for your appointment.


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