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Dental implants for renewed self-confidence

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dental implants KellerThe relationship between your smile and your level of confidence creates an amazing phenomenon. Millions of Americans feel incomplete or insecure when forced to live with missing teeth. Patients who are living with unsatisfactory tooth replacement choices may feel similarly less than confident in their smiles.

Poorly fitting bridges, partials, and dentures are inadequate substitutions for your natural teeth. Over time, these restorations can make even the simplest tasks challenging. Anxiety about eating or speaking can have a dramatically negative impact on your psychological health.

If you have found that your self-confidence is lacking due to tooth loss, it is time to consider dental implants in Keller.

No one wants a replacement tooth that looks like a replacement tooth. In other words, you want those around you to notice your beautiful smile, rather than stare at your dental work. Since dental implants are so similar to your natural teeth, they can blend naturally with your smile. Most close acquaintances will be unable to distinguish your dental implants from the neighboring teeth.

The value of the dental implant can be found in its function as well as its appearance. You deserve a tooth replacement that is hard-working as well as attractive. Dental implants are securely bonded to the jaw bone. By forming a permanent anchor, your tooth replacement is strong enough to endure chewing and biting without shifting or sliding out of place. Your fears about being publically embarrassed by a loose denture or partial will melt away.

Dental implants are highly effective against bone loss. There is no risk of bone shrinkage or resorption, a common challenge associated with bridges and dentures. With proper care, the fit of your implant will never change. This means that you will need to practice daily brushing and flossing in order to prevent gum disease around your implant, just as you will care for your remaining teeth.

We can all appreciate the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile. And, it’s easy to understand how your self-confidence can slip away when you are uncomfortable with your own smile. Thankfully, it is possible to regain your confidence by choosing dental implants.

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